Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Gemporia Wishlist// Rose Gold & Blush Jewellery

Gemporia Jewellery Wishlist

Gemporia Jewellery Wishlist

Hello lovelies! If you're a jewellery lover, you need to check out Gemporia asap. If you've never heard of this brand before I'll quickly fill you in! Gemporia are an online store which sell beautiful jewellery made from genuine gemstones and precious metals. With an aim to bring us unique and affordable jewellery, Gemporia have really made a name for themselves. They've even attracted celebs such as Jourdan Dunn and Karlie Kloss (just to name a few). Most importantly, Gemporia work closely with The Colourful Life Foundation which aid communities where gemstones are found and support and educate them so that they can grow.

I was having a browse, as you do, and I noticed that you could shop by colour of gemstone and I kind of got sucked into the pink and rose gold sections of jewellery. I know, predictable right? Lets not deny it, we've all bought at least one rose gold item over the past year. If you haven't, I congratulate you on your willpower and non conformity. Everything in this wishlist is under £30 which I think is impressive for such high quality jewellery. Here's a few of my favourites...

1. Gemporia Ratanakiri Zircon Midas Earrings £19

First up are the Gemporia Ratanakiri Zircon Midas earrings. Everyone needs at least one pair of dressy earrings in their life. I really like the simplicity of the stones and the rose gold mounting makes the earrings look so delicate. To be honest, I'd wear these earrings day or night. They're too pretty to keep for special occasions. Every moment is a special occasion right?

2. Gemporia Kaori Cultured Pearl Sterling Silver Ring £18 

This Gemporia Kaori Cultured Pearl ring is neither blush nor rose gold but I had to add it to my wishlist. What can I say, I'm a huge sucker for pearls. Again the simplicity of the ring really emphasises the beauty of the pearl.

3. Gemporia Zambezia Morganite Two Tone Midas Ring £29

I was really attracted to this Gemporia Zambezia Morganite ring due to the the design. You may remember me saying a while back that I had a thing for big cocktail rings and this brought all those feelings back. With the large flower and the small gemstone centre it's such a feminine piece.

4. Gemporia Rose Quartz Necklace In Sterling Silver £30

I think this Gemporia Rose quartz necklace may be my favourite piece. Something kept drawing me back to look at it and I had to put it in my wishlist. I just love the statement stones. Not too big (think Pat Butcher) and not too small. Perfect!

5. Gemporia Aquamarine Gold Vermeil Bracelet £28

Sometimes the simplest of jewellery can pack the biggest punch. I love how this Aquamarine Gold Vermeil bracelet has the two tails at the end and the delicate jewel dangling down. It would really add a touch of class to any outfit. I can definitely see myself wearing this with a little black dress whilst being wined and dined for the evening. Hint hint...

6. Gemporia Zambezia Morganite And White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring £27

The same as the Rose Quartz necklace, something kept drawing me towards this Gemporia Zambezia Morganite and White Topaz ring. I'm going through a ring phase at the moment which is probably why I've added so many to this wishlist. With the three blush/nude pink stones and the intricate detailing around the centre piece, what's not to like?

Have you shopped with Gemporia before? What's your favourite piece?

*This post was in collaboration with Gemporia

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Face Of The Day Featuring Born Pretty Store

Born Pretty Store Makeup
Born Pretty Store Makeup
Born Pretty Store Makeup
Born Pretty Store Makeup

Hello lovelies! I'm back and I thought I'd change things up with a face of the day seeing as I hadn't done one in a while. I also know a lot of you liked my latest eBay bargains post (click HERE if you missed it) so I thought you guys would be interested in hearing about some more bargains. Today's post features a few products from Born Pretty Store. People seem to love their makeup brushes and nail art products on Instagram so if you're handy in the nail department (see what I did there) you might like to check them out. Unfortunately, I'm so bad at nail art that my attempt at polkadots look more like polkasplodges... I guess I'll stick to the makeup side ey? Here's my thoughts on a few of the products I tested out.

Let's start with the Born Pretty Eyeshadow Palette* $9.56 (around £6). It comes with 15 matte shades, a sponge tip applicator and a really good mirror. There's nothing worse than one of those face warping mirrors. You all know what I'm talking about, the ones where you're tempted into plucking half of your eyebrow off. The colours in this eyeshadow palette are so beautiful but I had a little difficulty getting pigmentation from two or three of the lighter shades. You have to give your brush a good few swirls for it to pick up product which is slightly disappointing but they are buildable. On the other hand, the darker shades seem to be packed with pigmentation although harder to blend. It's hit and miss really. A little tip - if the pigmentation isn't great spray your brush with setting spray first. That's what I've been doing with this product and I'm able to get more use out of the lighter colours.

These Born Pretty Crisscross False Eyelashes* (#1) are perfect for a dramatic evening look. The lashes have a plastic feel to them which I was worried about to begin with. It's hard to describe but I actually really liked them once they were on. I'm going on my first night out in over a year at the weekend (wish me luck) and I'm considering wearing them again then. Although they have a plastic feel, I had no problem shaping them around my eyes and they stayed on all day. With a coat of mascara, I was also able to curl them upwards. Not bad for $0.99.

I have a Born Pretty 10% discount code for full priced items  - MTH10 if anyone fancies a browse.

If you're interested in what I have on my face:

Foundation: Mac Studio Fix Fluid mixed with The Body Shop's Lightening Foundation Drops
Concealer: Mac Studio Finish Concealer
Undereye Concealer: La Girl Pro Concealer 
Contour & Highlight: Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette
Blush: Makeup Revolution Blusher
Eyebrows: Benefit Browzings
Eyeliner: Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner
Mascara: YSL Luxurious Mascara
Lipstick: Menow Liquid Lipsticks Shade 26

What's your thoughts? Have you tried anything from Born Pretty Store before?