Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Review// Scott Cornwall Precolour Protein Spray & Treatment

Scott Cornwall Precolour Protein Spray
Scott Cornwall Precolour Protein Spray
Scott Cornwall Precolour Protein Spray
Scott Cornwall Precolour Protein Spray

Hello lovelies! Today I'm talking about hair again. Some of you may have noticed on my Instagram and Twitter that I've had a drastic hair change. Well, I had a bit of a hair disaster so in a moment of desperation (and madness) I threw on a temporary orange hair dye. Let's just say it wasn't as temporary as it claimed. Anyways, I'm back to blonde now with the help of some washing up liquid and a bleach bath... eek. You can imagine the strain my poor hair has gone through so this Scott Cornwall Precolour Protein Spray* couldn't have come at a better time.

If you've been a long time reader of my blog, you'll know that I'm a huge fan of Scott Cornwall products especially the Colour Restore Toner (review here). It has saved me on many occasions so I had high hopes for this product. We all know that our body needs protein and so does our hair. If our hair is lacking in the protein department, it can become damaged, dry and brittle. At the same time, too much protein can be damaging. Why is hair care so hard?! I had no idea that you could get protein spray for hair and even better one aimed at protecting hair before colouring or bleaching so lets see if it was too good to be true!

Scott Cornwall's Precolour Protein Spray aims to protect weakened, dry and porous areas of hair prior to any colourant. The bottle states that it can also be used on very damaged hair as a regular post wash leave in treatment to retain moisture and help prevent further damage.

-protect hair prior to chemical treatment 
-helps to strengthen and prevent breakage
-creates a more even colour by filling in the gaps in the dry and porous areas

Shake bottle before use and spray evenly throughout dry and porous hair. If colouring, never dry Protein Spray after application, comb through and ensure hair feels slightly damp. Then proceed to colour hair immediately after.

First of all, this smells absolutely amazing. It reminds me of that lovely hair salon scent, I can't put my finger on what it is exactly but you'll know what I mean the next time you get your hair cut. I used this as a precolour treatment as stated but I had a hard time understanding the instructions. I wasn't too sure what it meant by not drying the spray so I kind of just hoped for the best with it. What I noticed was that my colour touch up was a lot more even. In fact, the colour was almost perfect minus a few patches that had less time to develop. My hair didn't feel any more damaged than it already was after bleaching (even on the ends where I gave it a bleach bath).

In terms of a protein hair treatment, I've been using this once a week after washing my hair and my hair does feel strong. I've also been sneakily spraying it in my hair to use as a hair perfume ... It may sound crazy but it just smells so good. The one thing that I didn't like about the Scott Cornwall Precolour Protein Spray is that if you go a bit overboard or don't distribute it evenly thought the hair, it feels a little stiff. Kind of like when you spray a bit too much hairspray so just don't be heavy handed with it.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the Precolour Protein Spray as it has helped me to get my hair back to normal by evening out the colour. My hair probably needs all the protein it can get at the moment so hopefully I'll be able to put this hair dye disaster behind me!

What's your thoughts? Have you tried anything like this before? 


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: For Him & For Her

Hello lovelies! Today I'm back with my ultimate Christmas gift guide! I've got you covered in case you're one of those last minute shoppers just like me. There's no shame in it, we just love the festive vibes whilst being trampled on in the Christmas eve shopping stampede... Nothing says Christmas like a an elbow in your back and a scrap for the last turkey. 

Hopefully all that can be avoided with a little pre planning. I've compiled a few gift guides that will please the beauty addict, the tech lover and even the hard to buy for man in your life. There's also a few stocking fillers thrown in the mix. Enjoy!

Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For The Beauty Addict

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for her

Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Filler Ideas For Her

Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers For Her

Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For The Tech Lover

Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For The Tech Lover

Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Him

Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Him

1.Men Rock Beard Grooming Kit £29.95 2.Gentlemen's Hardware Facial Wash £9 3.Middle Class Problems Book £9.99 4.Batman Travel Mug £10 5.Travel Edition Scratch Map £11.99 6.Gucci Made To Measure £55.99 7.Aberlour Mini Whiskey And Chocolate Gift Set £5 8.Burgundy Card Holder £5 9.Cable Crew Neck Jumper £32 10.Grey Scarf £8.99 11.Make Your Own Home Brew Premium Lager Kit £19.99

Everything is linked if you see anything that takes your fancy. I hope that's taken away some of the pressure that surrounds Christmas shopping. Now go get yourself a hot chocolate, you deserve it!

Do you have any go to gift ideas?


Thursday, 10 December 2015

5 Tips For The Perfect At Home Mani Pedi // Festive Edition

5 Tips for the perfect at home mani pedi
Barry M Festive Nail Polish Colours
Barry M and No7 Festive Nail Polish Colours
5 tips for the perfect at home mani pedi ft Micro Pedi Nano
Emoji Micro Pedi Nano
Hello lovelies! It's that time of the year again. Yes, the Christmas party. Usually resulting in a case of despair, disgust and total embarrassment. Handing in your resignation may be playing on your mind after throwing up on the street corner or flashing a bit more than your thigh as you launched yourself down those pesky stairs. In the event of anything like this, you could always distract from the situation by whipping out your fancy nails for everyone to admire. Only joking, (nothing will save you from that) but it's definitely a safer conversation topic than last years antics. Here's 5 tips for the perfect at home mani pedi to get you ready for the festive season.

1. Trim, Buff and Push
First of all use nail clippers and/or a nail file to shape your nails. I'd recommend using a metal nail file as it causes less damage to the nail as opposed to the standard sand papery type. If you're looking for one in particular try Leighton Denny's crystal nail file. Recently I realised how important it was to push the cuticles back. The idea always freaked me out but it's surprisingly painless and totally worth it if you want a flawless nail. It also makes them look longer which is a major bonus just don't push too hard. Oh and don't forget to buff your nails. Again this makes a huuuge difference as it not only makes them shiny, it removes all those ridges which tend to peep through the polish.

2. Base Coat Is A Must!
I use Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails. Not only does a few coats strengthen your nails but it also stops staining which is important when you're using some of those dark festive colours. I never thought I'd stop biting my nails but I've been going 5 years strong and that's all down to Sally Hansen. I'd totally recommend it if anyone is looking for ways to stop biting nails or have nails that are forever snapping!

3. Sand those feet!
Let's face it, we've all had hard skin on our feet before, right? It's pretty hard to avoid so if you don't then you're one lucky lady and don't you forget it! A while back I talked about the Pedi Spin which now seems a little clunky and dated after testing this one out. This is the Micro Pedi Nano* aka the Emoji Micro Pedi Nano. The Micro Pedi Nano is compact and pretty nifty. It works as a hard skin and callus remover by rotating at 30 times per second which is crazy. It's shaped to fit the contour of your hand and glides along like there's no tomorrow. The Micro Pedi even has a detachable head to empty and clean all the dead skin out (sorry if you're eating). Just in case you're worried about all the nasty bacteria on your feet, they have us covered. It actually has an anti bacterial treated roller. If you've got severe hard skin, this may take a few rounds but afterwards your feet are left feeling stroke-ably good. Micro is in its name and in its nature, it's so light! With my old Pedi Spin, it used to freak out and spin across my foot causing a few injuries now and again. The Micro Pedi Nano feels a lot safer as it doesn't have a mind of it's own. Plus it comes in a range of pretty colours which are always hard to resist. I'm like a magpie when it comes to anything pink!

4. Nail it!
I can be quite slap handed when it comes to my nails especially during winter. I find it hard to reach them hunched over twenty layers of winter wear but when it comes to special occasions I tend to give them a little more attention. You never know when you need to crack out a fancy pair of shoes so it's best to be prepared. If you're wondering how to paint your nails I was told a little secret. You should drop a dot of nail polish on the lower third of your nail in the middle. You then push the polish to your cuticle and then pull it back all the way to the top. The middle strip of your nail should now be covered. Go back to the dot and repeat the process but by sweeping the polish to the right and to the top and again for the left. Perfecto! Don't forget a top coat (I use M&S's Top Coat but anything clear will do).

I'm feeling pretty festive at the moment so my most used colours at the moment are reds (Barry M in Bright Red), blues (Barry M in Navy), greens (Barry M Hi Shine in Black Pistachio), burgandy (Barry M Matte in Burgundy Crush) , mustard (Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Mustard) and yes I have finally cracked the glitter polish out (No7 Nail Effects in Starry Sky).

5. Moisturise
The final step and the one that is often overlooked is to moisturise. If we've done all that hard work with the sanding, we need to give our feet a treat. I've been using Clinique's Deep Comfort Body Butter. I don't use this on my body as it takes a while to sink in with it being a heavy cream. This actually makes it perfect for my feet as I smother them in lotion and wear a pair of clean socks for the night. This allows it all to sink in and prevents you from waking up looking like the grinch from all fluff off the floor. As for my hands, I'm all out of the Body Shop's Wild Rose hand cream so I'm currently using their Hemp hand cream instead. It's perfect for those with dry hands as it's an intense moisturiser.

There you have it. 5 Tips for the perfect mani pedi so we're all ready for the festive season. Even if you haven't got any parties to attend this year or you're like me and prefer curling up on the couch with a hot chocolate and book. Who cares? A little bit of pampering goes along way to ease off those winter blues.

Have you got any tips for the perfect at home mani pedi? Oh and what's your favourite festive polish?

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