Sunday, 29 November 2015

Review// Weleda's Almond & Wild Rose Skincare Range

Weleda Almond and Wild Rose range
Weleda Almond and Wild Rose range
Weleda Almond and Wild Rose range
Weleda Almond and Wild Rose range
Weleda Almond and Wild Rose range
Hello lovelies! I'm going through an it's too cold to be in the bathroom' phase at the moment. Is anyone else feeling me? I'm wanting to be in and out in a flash. Nothing says a relaxing bath like shivering your tootsies off and don't even get me started on the race to get your pyjamas on whilst still hugging the towel. I was kindly sent some skincare goodies from Weleda and as there were a few bath related products, I was hoping they would make spending time in the bathroom more enjoyable. After all, their motto is 'in harmony with nature and the human being'. That sounds pretty relaxing right? Lets see how I got on shall we?

Weleda promise
-certified body and facial care
-Free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants and mineral oil derivatives

Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Wash*
Weleda claim that their new almond body wash gently cleanses and cares for the skin. It's a mild  body wash and has also been approved for skin intolerances. At first I wasn't too into the scent. It's a no frills marzipan fragrance and I'm usually a floral kinda girl. Surprisingly the scent didn't linger around and it actually started growing on me. I don't know if you girls have this problem but my legs become so itchy and sore after shaving (thank god it's winter). I was hoping this would calm them down a little and it really did soothe them. This was so hydrating! It felt like I'd moisturised afterwards which was crazy as I put my hands up. I haven't moisturised my body in god knows how long. It's just too cold and ain't nobody got time for that! Overall, I'm surprisingly happy with this and I'd actually purchase it due to how hydrating it was.  

The Almond Soothing Facial Cream *- For Sensitive Skin
This almond soothing facial cream is said to be gentle and aims to calm delicate skin. It contains organic almond oil to restore the skins balance and enhance protective layers. With it being an intensive moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin, my boyfriend ended up as a guinea pig here. I could see the fear in his eyes when I told him I had a cream to try out but he kindly let me smother his face in it. The cream isn't too heavy although it does take a while to rub in. Initially he said that the cream was stinging. Perhaps his skin is too sensitive to use this cream on. Looking back we probably should have done a patch test first. Stinging aside, his face did feel moisturised and the redness did settle down after washing.

This was definitely more my kind of thing. I was obsessed with The Body Shop's Wild Rose hand cream until I ran out about two weeks ago. The smell is just incredible so when I opened the box up, I couldn't wait to get my fix. Ahhh I was so pleased with this. A rose scented soap. This soap is plant based and made from 100% vegetable sources making it so gentle on the skin. I'm not going to lie I did get a little protective over who could use it. Don't use my soapy goodness! The soap is a creamy colour and ... well a bar of soap. It cleanses, you know the score. It's one of those soaps that leave a squeaky clean feeling but strangely doesn't feel stripping. I'm a lover of pretty soaps in the soap dish so I'm happy to have this box on display. 

Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion *- For Normal & Combination Skin
This wild rose facial lotion aims to soften fine lines, preserves skins youthful vitality and stimulates skins growth processes. As with the other Weleda products, it contains natural ingredients such as the oil of organic rosa mosqueta seeds which aid in the skins regeneration. I must admit I'm a little picky when it comes to face cream. It can either make or break me or should I say break me out. I was willing to give this a go as I already had a rose scented body, I might as well have a matching face too. This was such a light lotion and glided on lovely. I did notice however that it left a slightly oily residue which wouldn't be a problem but I already have oily skin. It surprisingly didn't break me out but personally I think my skin would be more suited to their specialist skincare range. This is probably one for me to use when my skin is feeling a little dehydrated.

What I love about Weleda is that they understand that we are all different. They've got us all covered by introducing eight different skincare sets that tackle all of our problems and that's just their facial range. There's even one for men so you're boyfriend won't feel left out. If any of you are suffering with dry skin during the winter, definitely try the Almond Body Wash. I couldn't recommend it enough. Also Weleda like to use natural and organic ingredients making a lot of products suitable for vegetarians and vegans. If you'd like to see for yourself I'll leave a link here.

What's your thoughts? Have you got any winter skincare saviours? 


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Review// Get The Glow With Temple Spa's Red Carpet Range

Temple Spa Glint And Look On The Bright Side
Temple Spa The Contourist
Temple Spa Look On The Brightside and Glint
Temple Spa The Contourist
Temple Spa Glint And Look On The Brightside
Temple Spa Quotes
Temple Spa Look On The Bright Side and Glint

Hello lovelies! With the festive season on its way, it's more acceptable to introduce some sparkle into our lives. I'm not just talking about that coat of glittery nail polish you're considering applying to your nails. I'm talking about our faces. Ok, sparkle may be a bit too much unless you're part timing as a mermaid but what about getting our glow back? What glow you may be wondering? Yes, I know it may be hard to remember considering we've been submerged into darkness over here but there's nothing wrong with faking it. After all, who can resist glowy skin?

Today I'm talking all about Temple Spa's Red Carpet Range*. You may remember a while back I fell in love with Temple Spa's Exalt Firming Neck Cream and they definitely haven't disappointed again. When I think about the red carpet, what springs to mind is beautiful women with radiant skin, oh and gorgeous dresses. We can't not mention the dresses right? Unfortunately Temple Spa can't cover us on the dress front but they've gave it their best to provide a makeup and skin care range that enhances our celeb worthy skin.

 Here's what they say:
'Do you ever wish you could erase the lines and tell-tale signs of tiredness.... like immediately? This high-tech miracle make-up collection will make you look like you’ve had a red carpet facial, in seconds. Fabulous ‘photo-finish’ results you can see straight away.
Use for everyday glamour or when you need a quick fix for a big event. Use to hide flaws and skin imperfections or to give your complexion a bit of ‘wow-factor’. However you want to use them they all work synergistically to ensure red carpet look readiness when you need it. You will look amazing!'

Temple Spa The Contourist* 6 sachets (£50):

Let's face it, we've all seen the celebs working this type of face mask on Instagram so I was pretty excited to see the results. The mask is one of those over the ear ones which contours the skin. Temple Spa's The Contourist uses diamond weave technology to lift, reduce sagging, define contours and remodel the face. Kind of like a face lift without the pain. The mask is also saturated in a 'skin perfecting serum' which is incredibly cold but so refreshing. Afterwards you can massage the serum into the skin as a treat.

All I was really looking for out of this was maybe a better contour and a luxurious spa experience. They definitely achieved the spa experience part as the mask was so relaxing and refreshing although I'm not too sure about the contouring part to be honest. My cheekbones did look more defined but it wasn't a huge difference. That aside, my skin was left feeling revived with a lovely healthy glow. It also felt pretty tight but not in the I've just washed my face with a tube of Freederm way (we've all been there) but in a firm way. An added bonus of this mask is that you can get a few laughs by jumping out and scaring your boyfriend when wearing it. I'm still laughing about it now.

Temple Spa Glint* (£25):

This is the product I was most excited for. Glint is a highlighting concealer pen which can be used to brighten dark areas. Temple Spa suggest using this to camouflage dark circles, shadows and fine lines. It is also supposed to create an even skin tone. Those of you who read my blog often will know that I'm forever battling with dark circles so Temple Spa would have to pull out all the stops to impress me in the eye department.

Once the concealer is flowing, I find that one click is enough for both eyes as the liquid distributes really well. The concealer is light enough to blend with ease and doesn't crease or cake under the eyes which is always a problem for me. As for coverage, this does a pretty good job for concealing under eyes. I do go in now and again with another concealer to cover the darkness in my inner corners but as for the rest of my eye it leaves a beautiful light reflecting finish. I usually pat it out to my outer cheek bone area to create a glowy highlight too. My only issue is the colour. I'm incredibly pale so light is still a little too dark for me but only just.

Temple Spa Look On The Bright Side Instance Radiance Booster* (£30): 

I actually thought I'd like this the least out of the bunch but surprisingly this was my favourite. Temple Spa state that Look On The Bright Side can even out skin tone, gives a detoxing effect, energises and revives skin. This can be used as an illumininator/highlighter so you can apply it to cheek bones, centre of the nose etc. to brighten up the face. I initially tried it this way but it seemed to cake on my cheek bones. I had the same issue with Benefit's High Beam so I'm not sure if it's to do with my skin type but I switched to using this under my foundation and what a difference it made!

I always thought that using an illuminator underneath my makeup would be pointless as it would wash out the effect but it didn't. I made sure to apply it in particular around my cheek area and the glow was just stunning. The liquid is scarily orange when you look at it but don't be fooled. This instantly sheers out leaving a light golden highlight. Imagine a sunkissed glow. My favourite thing about this product is the smell. This may sound crazy but it smells like holidays. Think lying on the beach with a mix of sun tan lotion, sea, sand and a hint of light perfume. I have a habit of smelling it and my boyfriend keeps saying are you at it again. He thinks it smells like posh people but that's boys for you. I can see where he's coming from though, it does have a luxurious scent.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with this range. I was looking for a product to replace my Dream Lumi Touch after the drama I had with the shading and Glint has definitely restored my faith in the concealer pen. If you're looking to fake that glow, I'd definitely recommend Look On The Bright Side. Don't hold me to this but I'm sure you can get a bottle of this if you subscribe to Glamour Magazine (double check that first though). As for The Contourist, it's such a luxurious product but a little pricey for me. I'd say it's more of a Christmas treat. If you'd like to have a browse of the Temple Spa website I'll leave a link here. Also if you're lucky and you live near a Selfridges or Harrords you could also pop in.

What's your thoughts? Do you have a go to product for glowy skin?