Sunday, 28 December 2014

No7 Advent Calendar Round Up Week 3

no7 advent calendar
No7 amazing eyes eyeliner pencil
No7 essential lip brush
No7 intense volume mascara
No7 eyeshadow
No7 Disco Ball Nail Polish
No7 Protect and Perfect intense hand cream
No7 metallic eyes eyeliner pencil

So Christmas is over for another year! Can you believe it? As Decembers days are numbered I realised I really should finish off my No7 advent calendar posts now that I've had time to test most of them out.  I've really enjoyed these posts as each and every product has been amazing and I'm definitely going to be spending more time in the No7 section after this. Let's have a look at week three's round up!

1. No7 amazing eyes eyeliner pencil in black

I find eyeliner is such a handy tool to have whether it is gel, liquid or pencil so having a spare to fall back on is great. I seem to run out very suddenly of eyeliner with no warning so I can add this to my emergency stash for those "just in case" moments. I haven't tried this on yet as I have been hibernating in the house for a while but I'll give it a whirl when I have a chance. I bet it looks amazing. The full size retails at £6.50.

2. No7 Essential Lip Brush

I actually lost my lipbrush a while back as it was really small. At the time I thought that size was one of its attributes but after I lost it I realised that perhaps I needed something a little bigger. The brush itself looks of good quality and if it's anything like No7's eyeshadow brush then I'm sure I'll be more than impressed when I try it. Fingers crossed! This retails at £7.00.

3. No7 Intense Volume Mascara

Earlier on in the month I received the No7 Lash Impact Mascara and I have been loving it. When I saw they had snuck in another mascara and this time it being an intesnse volume one I couldn't wait to try it. I love these mascaras, they seem to look very natural whilst still giving you length and volume. I mentioned this a few weeks back but these mascaras don't smudge or melt which is something that I've been struggling to find with a lot of other brands recently. I would definitely recommend this product! The full size retails at £9.95.

4. No7 eyeshadow

Now this is absolutely gorgeous. I've been so impressed by the eyeshadows that I've recieved in this box. This one in particular is such a beautiful shade and its perfect whether you need a light base before you apply other eyeshadows or whether you'd like a nice light 60's style eye. I cannot even put into words how much I love this. I think this shade is incorporated into the cappuccino trio palette which I'm tempted to buy after using this. The trio retails at £9.50.

5. No7 Nail Effects Disco Ball

You should have seen my face when I opened this up! I was thinking about buying a nail polish like this for the festive season and No7 saved me the job of leaving the house. This looks absolutely amazing, I painted my nails white and the tips with "disco ball" for a wintery feel. The polish itself dried pretty much straight away and there was no way it was budging. I also did a tester on a full nail and it looked beautiful. This would be perfect for new year as everyone always seems to throw on their glitteriest of attire. Now you can have the nails to match. This retails at £7.00. I know there are cheaper nail polishes on the market but No7 somehow seems to have swayed me away from my Barry M addiction.

6. No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Day Hand Cream

I knew this would feel amazing before I even opened it. As I had recieved the protect and perfect intense night cream a few weeks before, I suspected that this would be just as moisturising. The hand cream carries the same scent as the other products in the range which I kind of like. I don't know if the scent would be for everyone but it isn't an issue for me. The cream itself seems very light but once massaged in your hands feel instantly hydrated. In fact, I think this may be the most moisturising hand cream I've tried. I had a quick scan of reviews and it has a lot of five star ratings so I'm definitely not alone here. The full size retails at £10.50.

7. No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil

As I said before, I'm always pleased to receive a new eyeliner and this one has a twist. The liner itself is metallic which is beautiful for the party season but on the other end is a smudger or rubber to smudge your eyeliner. This is perfect for creating a smokey eye or if your're the kind of person who likes their eyeliner to look lived in. I think that this was a nice little touch and I can't wait to play around with it closer to new years. This retails at £6.50 and comes in a range of shades.

Have you tried any No7 products?

I've been completely blown away with the products in the box this year. I'll be posting my final round up tomorrow which I was equally as pleased with.

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  1. That eyeshadow shade looks gorgeous! These are some great items!

    1. I know it's so nice on! I'm really impressed with No7 so far!