Friday, 26 December 2014

House of Ho Ho Ho Festive Nail Review

House of ho ho ho festive nails
House of ho ho ho festive nails
House of ho ho ho festive nails

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. My day was filled with food, fun and laughter which was perfect. I'm not too fussed about receiving presents but I was very lucky to have such an attentive boyfriend that he noticed me pining over a set of House of Ho Ho Ho nails a few weeks a go and he actually got me them as a gift. I must say, I have fallen completely in love with these and I had to put them on straight away. How very festive of me! House of Ho Ho Ho is a festive range brought by House of Holland Elegant Touch but they also do a gorgeous everyday selection which are to die for.

Now before I start, let me tell you a little about my experience in the past with false nails. I remember the first time I got my nails done in a salon. I was filled with panic when they asked if I wanted square or round nails, who knew there was so much choice? I felt like saying "nail shaped please"! Once I'd survived that question my next big dilemma was not having the guts to say anything if I didn't like the finished product. I remember one nail technician didn't speak to me at all and wasn't even looking when she filed my nails or should I say skin. I walked out with a variation of long nails, short nails, oversized tips, square and round not to mention a loss of skin from some pretty haphazard filing. I would rather avoid any incidents when it comes to other people handling my nails, the same goes with my hair to be honest. When I saw these sparkly red green and gold nails with pretty little bows I thought at least I could do them myself right?

The box

These lovely little nails come in a lovely box to match. If you lift the tray up you'll find your selection of sizes and spares which is handy as it keeps them all safe (I always loose things). Underneath the tray is a little nail file which always comes in handy and a tube of nail glue.


Now I was dreading this moment as I don't have a steady hand but I was pleasantly surprised. The instructions say to file your nails, select your nail sizes and apply the glue to your own nails. You can then stick on your falsies by adding pressure on top of them for five to ten minutes. This was so simple that I was able to do this even with my little boy jumping all over me with all the Christmas excitement. Even the glue impressed me as I didn't end up with my fingers stuck together.


I have quite thin nails. What I mean by this is that the width of my nails are tiny therefore I thought that sizing could be an issue. I was actually able to find a nail that fitted reasonably well for each finger. As House of Holland provide ten different nail sizes you're bound to find a happy medium in there somewhere. Plus, the nails are quite flexible so even if they were slightly too large they appeared to sort themselves out when the glue had dried. The only problem is, I'm now left with a box of nails that are too big. Does anyone know if you can trim them width ways without messing them up? 

Overall, I'm so happy with these. I even conquered my nail fear! I managed to do my nails in ten minutes without having to open doors with my elbow in case I smudged something. These are just so simple! I don't know how long I'll get away with wearing festive nails but they feel like they're on pretty sturdy and could last up to ten days. At least that gives me time to check out their other selection before they drop off!

Have you tried any House of Holland products?


  1. Looks great! I've always been a little wary of nail strips and fake nails, but these look great!

    1. Me too but so far so good! They're still in tact, lets hope my real nails are too haha!