Thursday, 27 November 2014

November Not So Favourites: Disappointing Beauty Products

November not so favourites
Veet in shower hair removal cream

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream (£6.85): Oh my gosh, I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I was with this. I was looking for a product that would save me the pain of shaving my legs. I become so itchy after shaving my legs that I end up bleeding. I've tried shaving cream, baby oil, venus razors you name it and I still end up with sensitive sore pins. I spotted this whilst doing a food shop and became so excited. Not only is the product for sensitive skin but it removes your hairs whilst your in the shower what could go wrong?! The cream also comes with a sponge but I didn't want to take a photo of my singed hairs. The instructions stated to apply this onto your legs and then wait. After so long you can then hop into the shower and exfoliate the hairs off using the sponge. I'm only 5ft 6 but my legs take up a large proportion of that. There was a lack of cream to get a good coating on my legs. I didn't want to use the whole tube as that would have been a waste for one usage right? Anyway I applied the cream waited around a while, hopped into the shower and when I removed the cream my legs were left with curly  little hairs. Me and my boyfriend couldn't stop laughing I had a few bald spots and then a mass of curly hair that smelled burned.  I thought that I had done something wrong so I decided to apply it again and avoid the shower, maybe now that my hairs had had a taster they would decide to give up and fall off. I must admit this time a few more patches were removed but I was still left with a good area of curls. This took 3 times as long as shaving my hair so it wasn't really a time saver. I've been shaving my legs for god knows how many years so I've cut the time down to under five minutes anyways. I'd rather itchy legs over a burned leg perm any day! I'd love to know if you've had a different experience with this as maybe I'm missing a trick. 

maybelline baby skin pore eraser primer

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser (£7.99): This is another product that I thought I'd love. I rubbed this on my hand in store and it felt like silk. To be honest I'm not even sure I have a problem with pores but I needed a new primer and this felt amazing. I couldn't wait to try it, I was even tempted to remove my makeup and apply this just to feel how soft it was. I hung on until the next day and rubbed it in. I didn't observe any issues then and there but the next day I was in trouble. I have oily skin but this felt so lightweight I didn't think there would be a problem. I woke up and between my eyebrows the whole area was full of tiny whiteheads. That is the one place where I don't get spots so I knew there wasn't a chance that I was just having a bad skin day. The whiteheads were sore and when they started to go a new batch came and replaced them. I managed to take control of the pimples and after that I never used it again. It's times like that I wish I had less oily skin as this felt like it would feel amazing under makeup. I would recommend trying this if your skin is less likely to be aggrivated but it just wasn't for me. 

Benefit Bad Gal Brown Mascara

Benefit Bad Gal Brown (£17.50): I was experimenting with a more natural makeup look using brown eyeliner so I wanted a brown mascara to match. I was so excited to try this as I loved Benefit's they're real mascara. I found the application was quite messy but I experience that now and again with certain mascaras so that wasn't too much of an issue. The mascara didn't really boost my lashes it just made them brown. I know I wanted natural but I found it like not wearing any mascara. The tube dried out rapidly and it became worse to apply as it was sticky to begin with. I'm a huge Benefit fan but this product just didn't work for me. Unfortunately, the price didn't really match the quality. I'd love if someone could recommend a brown mascara to replace this.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your not so favourites?


  1. I feel your pain about Veet, I stay away from any hair removal cream as I have ultra sensitive skin (even the sensitive version leaves me with red dots and rashes on my legs). I am a fan of the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser, been using it for a while now but I've been told the Benefit version is much better, but more expensive of course. If you've got oily skin you could try Clinque's pore eraser, it has a powdery finish which I use time to time around my nose (where it gets most oily) and can be applied on top of makeup. I think pore erasers/primers are great to get an even finish on your skin but you must wash them off thoroughly, they get into the pores of your skin which can clog.

    Loved your review :)

    1. Ah maybe that's why I broke out then! I'll have a look at Clinique I know they have a range for oily skin so that may be better suited. It's such a shame that I couldn't use the pore eraser but I'm glad to hear someone had good results with it!

  2. Haha the hair removal bit made me laugh :D I have not used this exact product but I have used I think it was wax strips from Veet and literally was shocked at how rubbish they worked on me. I have senstive skin, so I feel your pain there, I always moisturise my legs really well after shaving and find that they are not as sensitive the next day (you probably already do that anyway haha)

    Elle x
    Notes of Petranella

    1. I use moisturiser on and off (I'm a bit lazy with it). Vitamin E worked quite well. I don't know why hair removal is so hard haha!