Sunday, 23 November 2014

Five Steps To Healthier 'Looking' Hair

Five steps to healthier looking hair

Coconut oil
Tresemme Split Remedy
John Freida Frizz Ease
Andre Barton Gloss Boss
Tangle Teezer

We've all had days where we haven't been able to reach a hair dressers and need a product to at least make our hair look decent until we can sort it. I rarely visit my hairdressers after an incident I had when I was little. I had hair below my bottom and for some reason I asked for hair like Jo from S Club 7. I think what I meant was blonde but I ended up with a drastic trim who knows what I was thinking. I came out looking like a little boy and my hair was never the same again. I'm still reeling after the experience. After that incident I rarely trust anyone with my hair so I totally understand the need for products to fake healthiness until I pluck up the guts to get my hair cut. They also prevent me from going scissor happy but that's another story.

Coconut Oil (£2.29: I love coconut oil, this is my go to product to put some moisture back into my hair. As I bleach my hair, the ends can become quite brittle especially during season changes. Coconut oil helps hair to retain moisture so if your hair is dry this can make a huge difference. I also find that Coconut oil makes my hair feel much smoother and manageable. It can also be used to smooth down split ends if you need a quick fix. A little goes a long way and with the price it doesn't break the bank. 

Tresemme Split Remedy (£5.75): Now that we've added some moisture into our hair, lets target those split ends. Tresemme brought out Split Remedy to help seal up those split ends and keep them looking tidier until you can reach your hairdressers. This isn't a miracle product, your split ends don't disappear, they just become gelled together using this serum. Your hair is left looking smoother and it also states that it protects your hair from further split ends appearing which may buy you some extra time out of the salon.

John Freida Polishing Serum (£6.29): I don't know if you've experienced this but as I have naturally curly hair, when it is left to dry naturally I think my ends are split as they're all kinked and frizzy and I freak out. After I wash and blow dry my hair I realise that it was ok. This stuff is amazing. Instead of worrying whether my frizz looks like a mass of split ends or whether they actually are split ends, I just use this. It smooths down all of my hair and leaves it with a lovely glossy sheen. It's also great if I've gotten lazy whilst blow drying and thought I'd ditch the brush half way through. 

Andrew Barton Gloss Boss: Glossy hair is healthy hair right? I've recently been researching about having my hair glossed but as I'm terrified of the hairdressers I bought the next best thing. A leave in shine spray. This was so cheap in ASDA and it's fab. I'm unsure of the current pricing of this but I remember that I was satisfied with it when I bought it. Apparently blonde hair is less likely to shine but not with this product. I spray it all over my hair and brush it through. My hair catches the light and looks so much brighter. The only fault is the smell. I can't really describe it but it's a bit weird. After a minute you can't really smell it so I guess it doesn't really matter. With your shiny hair, you wont care! 

Tangle Teezer (£12.49): I know this may sound slightly steep for a small brush but I am glad I made the investment. Why go to the effort of protecting your hair when you end up yanking at it with a brush. The tangle teezer has specially designed bristles to detangle your hair without pulling at it. You can use this on wet or dry hair and I find it perfect for getting those after the bath tangles out. Anyone who has a child will know how hard it is to remove tats out of a child's hair. I used this on my little boy and it was tantrum free. You know that advert where she says are you a timid brusher? I related to that advert so much. This brush has made life so much easier as I'm not paranoid brushing my hair like I was trying to gently stroke it. Using this helps my hair to look healthier for longer as it doesn't put extra stress onto it.

These are just a few products that have helped me to hold off the need for a haircut and fake healthier looking hair. If you have any tips or favourite products let me know! 


  1. Great post! I'm also scared of going to the hairdressers :-)
    When my hair is looking a bit sad I love to warm some olive oil, run it all through my hair, wrap it in cling film and a towel and leave it for an hour. I keep meaning to try the same thing with coconut oil too, I'll get around to it eventually x

    1. Olive oil is amazing for hair, I never thought of using cling film! I'll give that a try!