Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What's In My Bag?

I love reading what's in my bag posts. There is something exciting about getting to look inside someone's bag as it seems quite personal. Here's your opportunity to look inside my bag without being arrested!

I love this bag! I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of this. I bought this in Urban Outfitters ages ago and I'm still using it. I use this bag for general day to day outings but if I need to carry anything bigger I'll use a different bag. It seems to go with everything and I think it looks quite boho. As long as it has two handles I'll keep using it.

How cute is this Evelyn Lomography camera? I love lomo, in the past I've spent hours trawling Pinterest as the photos are so pretty. This is much smaller to carry than our Nikon camera which means I'm not stuck dragging it around (I only have little arms). I also love the surprise of not knowing what your'e going to get until you print the film. You can also buy these at Urban Outfitters.

I always like to have a selection of lip products in my bag as you never know when you'll need something. I like to carry The Body Shop's Hemp lip conditioner. This is amazing. Hemp is known for targeting dry skin and as I have dry lips, it's perfect (especially with winter coming). This week I have Kate Moss Lasting Finish in shade 107, MAC in Lady Danger and Kate Moss Lasting Finish in shade 20. If you want to see my review of Lady Danger or Kate Moss 107, click here. I like to have a variation of colours in case when I'm out I realise I look a bit drained then I can quickly throw on whatever I feel like at the time. Finally I have my YSL mascara. The packaging is so pretty. I feel really glamorous when I wear it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I always like to have a book in case I get a spare moment which isn't very often. This week I started reading The Vintage Girl by Hester Browne. It is about a girl who works in an antique shop and is obsessed with imagining the stories and history attached to each object. When she is given the opportunity to visit Scotland and value antiques in a castle she grabs it (of course, who wouldn't). But are antiques the only thing she is falling in love with? ... DUN DUN DUNNNNN

This is actually really handy. This is Kirstie Alsopp's weekly planner. I'm pretty sure I found this is a supermarket for really cheap but I can't actually remember! Kirstie is so creative whilst juggling all of her children (not literally I hope) so if having this planner can give me a shot at being anywhere near as organised as her then it was worth it. Look at the lovely floral pattern!

I also have my phone and of course I'm listening to Arctic Monkeys. I've played this album non stop for over a year. If you haven't already, check out Submarine's soundtrack as Alex Turner wrote all the songs for the film and it's lovely.

Finally, my most important item. My purse. I bought this from River Island and it's perfect for holding all your cards and even has an enclosed purse in the middle for all your coins. It's looking a little battered but it's survived many shopping trips and that's all that matters.

I hope you enjoyed having a peek inside my bag. I'll be doing a make up bag one soon!


  1. Love seeing what's inside your bag and my fave is your purse and I love your specs too.I couldn't ever show anyone what is in my bag because it is mostly junk! Your photos are excellent too x

    1. I've just had a clean out of a million receipts my bag was overflowing! I like having a bag that's small otherwise I end up with loads of junk and sugar sachets stuffed in pockets haha. Thanks Bev!

  2. I also love reading 'What's in my bag' posts, but I don't think I'd do one (not yet anyway) as my bag is a mess! I love how every one of these posts i've read includes loads of lip products, you just never know!
    Great post, really really enjoyed reading Sophie.
    Love, Jessica x

    1. Haha I always like an emergency lipstick. I'm so lucky my bag doesn't have pockets, that's where all my rubbish hides. Thanks Jessica x