Sunday, 12 October 2014

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Using The Konad Nail Stamp Kit

Konad nail art stamper

Hello lovelies! I know it's a bit early to be talking about Halloween but I'm always quite premature when it comes to holidays. Yes, I'm one of those annoying people who bang on about Christmas in October! I have also been known to put my tree up in October... I know what you're thinking, she's way too enthusiastic. To distract from my Christmas obsession, here's a quick tutorial for some fun Halloween nail art!

Barry M orange nail polish

Step 1: Paint your nails! I filed and buffed my nails and then added Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails as a base coat. It also great for stopping my nails snapping. I then chose Barry M's Gel Shine Nail Polish in the shade Satsuma as it's very Halloweeny I guess with its orange tones.

Step 2: Next I used my Konad nail art kit. It was bought for me last year and I love it especially during holiday seasons as there are so many cute designs available. I can't wait to use the Christmas ones! Today I used the pumpkin and haunted house design as they were perfect for my theme.

Konad nail art stamp
Konad nail art stamp kit

Step 3: I used my Konad double sided stamp set (£5) to prepare and apply the stamps. The first step is to apply the Konad nail polish in black (£5) onto the pattern that you want. Step two is to use the scraper to wipe the excess polish away from the stamp. The third step is to quickly grab your stamping tool and roll it across the image then immediately press it onto your nail!

Konad nail art kit Halloween nail art tutorial

Konad nail art kit Halloween nail art tutorial

And there you have it! Your very own Halloween nail art. I'm not very good at doing nail art so the Konad set is perfect as I certainly don't have a steady hand!

Let me know what you think!

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  1. This is a great idea! I'm not great at nail art so this would be great for me.

    1. I tried polka dots by myself and they were terrible. Konad have so many different patterns available. It's much easier!

  2. Fab idea and love the colours you chose too!