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Review// Vichy Haul Featuring Dermablend And Normaderm

Vichy, Dermablend and Normaderm

So last week I nipped into Boots and decided to spend some of the points on my card. I don't know why I haven't used any of my points baring in mind I've had the card for over five years. I guess I was slightly worried that they would decline me saying that I didn't have enough money and I would have the embarrassment of putting everything back. After realising you could check how many points you have at self service (yes, I do feel a little stupid). I went a little wild and thought that I'd give Vichy a go. If you didn't already know, Vichy are well known for helping and covering blemishes, scars, roseacea, tattoos and much more. Just have a look online, the results are amazing!

Vichy Normaderm global anti-imperfection hydrating care (£11)
I already have a skincare routine that I like to stick to but my moisturiser is always up for debate. I usually try to pick up oil free moisturisers for acne prone skin but sometimes I feel that they aren't moisturising (or targeting spots) at all. I tried this in the store and it felt so hydrating. It claims that it is for oily skin, blemishes, pores, shine, imperfection marks and irregular complexion. I just had to buy it! I couldn't wait to wash my makeup off and put this on and let me tell you, it felt amazing. This moisturiser appears to be quite thick but sunk straight into my skin. Hours after applying it, my face still felt lovely. I wasn't oily at all! I find it gives a gorgeous glow to my face and I'm so pleased with the results. It hasn't broke me out and I feel my skin is finally getting the treatment it deserves. I can't say as of yet if it helps prevent acne but I haven't found much that does. It's one of my best buys this year I cannot rate this highly enough!

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation (£16)
Now I've seen lots of YouTubers talk about Dermablend and since I have some acne scaring that I need covered up I thought that this would be perfect! I chose shade 15 Opal as this was the lightest. I find that a lot tends to come out of the tube when applying and I really don't think you need too much of this as it is quite high coverage. I tried this out for a week and I felt that my face looked a bit greasy. The chip pan look isn't really my thing! I've seen so many good results with this that I know it is a good product for some people but my skin is so pale that this looked orange. I tried it out in store but once I applied it to my face the colour started getting more and more dark. I actually started to question how pale I really was. It's such a shame as I thought that this would be my holy grail product. Perhaps I'll hang on to see if they bring out a lighter shade but for now it  will stay in my drawer until I get a good tan!

Vichy Dermablend Concealer (£15)

I know that I had a bit of trouble with the shades in the foundation and again the same goes with the concealer. This wasn't so much a problem though. I found the concealer actually did help to cover my blemishes and blended well with my normal foundation. The shade I bought again was Opal 15 which was the lightest but still didn't look light against my skin. On application, the concealer is quite creamy and thick which I'm guessing is why it does such a good job. I'm quite pleased with the results from this so I will definitely be adding this into my normal make up routine.

Have you tried any Vichy products? Let me know if there is anything that you recommend from their range!

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