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How To Make A Scrapbook And Some Inspiration

How to make a scrap book

Today I thought that I would share a hobby of mine with all of you. It doesn't matter whether you've never done it before or whether you've been doing it for what seems like forever, anyone can have fun scrapping! When I say scrapping I don't mean fighting, I mean scrapbooking! I just wanted to share with you a few tips on getting started and hopefully inspire you with a few of my pages. So...

How to make a scrapbook:

How to make a scrap book

Firstly find a book that fits your theme. You may want to just use photos so you could use a smaller album, if you wanted to do lots of writing then perhaps use something bigger. I have various scrap books for different purposes but the two I have chosen are my favourites. The first is a Smash book. I picked this up in Hobby Craft last year. This is great for making lists and writing. I also find that the pictures inside give me a lot of inspiration as they're so pretty. Plus it comes with a cute pen/glue stick (I love added touches)! My second book is from Paperchase. This one is great if you like to start from scratch and add photos, writing or even old tickets. You'll see some examples further down!

How to make a scrap book

Here comes the exciting bit, once you have a book take a look around your home and see what you have. I keep a box full of letters from Tom, tickets from the cinemas, maps from places we've been, anything at all! Once that is done, it's to get creative! If you like drawing then draw, If you like to doodle or write then do so! I like to add all my writing in last as it feels like I'm writing a story using the pictures but that's just me. Every one is different. You may not like what I have done but that may be because you have a different style to me (...or my stuff is actually poo)but don't worry about it!

How to make a scrap bookHow to make a scrap book

See the first picture? This page if from my Smash book. As you can see, I've kept this one quite simple. I feel that I can be more laid back using this and jot down whatever I want. In this I use a lot of lists as I feel I can use this for more personal writing. The second picture is my scrapbook from Paperchase. Again, on this one I have kept the page simple. It depends how I feel that day and how I think the pictures would look best. I liked the retro style paper and I thought what place would suit it best? Brighton of course! Sometimes pictures can do all the talking.

How to make a scrap book

This page isn't complete yet but hopefully it shows that you can use anything to be creative. This is about a day out that I had at the beach. I found some paper that reminded me of the sea and I threaded string through the holes that I made to create a seaside style sign. Don't think that you have to spend a lot of money on craft materials as you don't. Fill the page with whatever you like.

How to make a scrap book

On this page I cut my own gift tags out of pretty paper and attached them with ribbons. I then added some writing using stamps to the tags to tie the page together. Go wild and see what you come up with, I bet it will be pretty amazing! If you want to grab some extra craft materials go to Hobby Craft or your nearest craft store and see what they've got. Paperchase also have some pretty cute stamps to use!

How to make a scrap book

Oh, and if you get a chance check out Tim Holtz! His paper selections are amazing, they tend to have an old vintage feel to them. On this page I have used Tim Holtz film reel at the bottom of the map. You know when you get photos printed off and you get a page full of minis? Here I have used the mini photos under the film reel as if it were from a movie of our day out.

Top Tips For Making A Scrapbook
Don't be afraid
Be creative
Collect, collect, collect! Keep a memory box!
If you're struggling, find inspiration online
But... make it personal to you! It makes it more fun
You can do it about anything
Scrapbooks make great gifts for friends, family, boyfriends etc.
Just go wild!

I know I'm not a professional but I hope I inspired you to get making and I hope you liked my pages! If you want to see any more of my scrapbooks or would like me to do a post on my different materials then let me know!

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