Monday, 8 September 2014

My Top Five Lipsticks ... Ever

Top Five Lipsticks

It's no secret to my family and friends that I love lipstick. For me, lipstick is a key product in my make up kit. If I was told I would only be allowed one item of make up from now on it would definitely be lipstick (then I'd probably beg for a little bit of mascara because my eyes are quite small). You get the picture... Now it was really difficult choosing out of my collection but here are my top five lipsticks and how I wear them just for you!

Mac Lady Danger

MAC Lady Danger

Here is my all time favourite. I've got various shades of red lipstick but none of them have quite cut it like this one does. Lady Danger has a slight orange tone to the red making it lovely and fiery. I believe that everyone needs a red lipstick as it goes with every look. I wear this if I'm out shopping, going out for meals or even a night out. I know some people are afraid of wearing bold colours but you don't have to be. I'm quite shy but I find that lipstick is a way of expressing myself and standing out without saying anything at all. Make sure you find a shade that suits your skin tone and you'll be oozing sophistication and confidence in no time.

Rimmel Kate Moss matte 107

Rimmel Lasting Matte Finish By Kate Moss: 107

This lipstick is great for autumn. It just has a wintery kind of feel to it. I actually wear this a all year round but I'm particularly excited to get my usage out of it over the next few months. This looks great if you're going for a grunge look or perhaps with a nice wintery jumper. Just experiment with it and I'm sure you'll find a way that you enjoy wearing it. If the colour is too harsh for you, you could always blot it to tone the colour down.

Rimmel Kate Moss shade 12

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Moss: 12

This colour is a beautiful shade of orange. It was the first lipstick that I bought that wasn't red and I was worried that I wouldn't suit it. I love it, it looks lovely during the summer with a nice play suit or a dress. I find I need to make sure I exfoliate my lips with a lip scrub before I use this as it's quite light and shows dryness easily. I would recommend exfoliating your lips before using any lipstick really to ensure you get the perfect application!

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Moss:19

Now for the girlies who aren't too sure if they're ready for bold colours or need a sensible lipstick for work, look no further. I bought this as I needed a lipstick that was almost nude but still brought my face to life. I usually feel really bare with no lipstick but this is just pigmented enough to wear if you have a meeting at work or if you fancy a subtle change for school. Why not give it a try?

Soap and Glory Super Nude lipstick

Soap and Glory Super-colour Fabu Lipstick: Super Nude

Finally, I'm still a newbie when it comes to nude shades as there are usually so many options that I freak out and leave the store. I like things to be simple which is why I bought a lipstick from Soap and Glory. Their make up selection is clean and simple which makes it easy picking out shades. As you can tell from the name Super Nude, this colour is perfect if you want that hardly there make up look. If you're looking for your first ever lipstick perhaps this is the one?

Do you have a favourite lipstick?

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  1. You have completely sold me on the Soap & Glory nude lipstick - hopefully I'll love it too and then can justify buying all the other shades.

    I am completely the same when I am shopping for something new - I go in with a plan and, get overwhelmed with the choice, and leave with nothing!

    D xx

    1. The Soap and Glory ones go on lovely and smooth, I hope you like it. I try to avoid makeup counters unless I really need something as I go blank. You're right it's so overwhelming. The Kate Moss ones are fab too and you can take your time browsing, there's nothing worse than grabbing something when in panic mode and hating it!

  2. Kate Moss 19 is my absolute favorite! Love this posttt keep it up xox

    -Veronica : Vontreal

    1. I'm glad to hear someone else likes it, her lipsticks are fab! Thanks Veronica!

  3. Lady Danger is so gorgeous, ive got it on my wishlist!
    xprincessjas | x

    1. I love it, you can see from the picture how much I've used it haha!

  4. Love all your choices of lipstick! My faves are currently Russian Red and Full Fuschia both by Mac

    1. Thank you, I really should try Russian Red everyone loves it.

  5. love all the colors :)