Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How To Grow Your Hair Out: My Story

 I know a lot of girls want to know how to grow their hair out so I thought I'd share my hair story with you. By the end of 2012 my hair was shoulder length. As a matter of fact my hair has always been shoulder length but I wore extensions to hide it. As I bleach my hair, it would snap and could never grow. At least I never needed a hair cut ey? I was so sick of wearing extensions that I decided to take matters into my own hands. Here's how I did it...

December 2012 - September 2014
Firstly, I went on a shopping spree and armed my self with so many hair care products. I started with hair oils. My hair was extremely dry from a combination of bleach and heat products (my early 2000's obsession with hair straighteners really took it's toll on me).

Hair oils
I smothered my mid lengths (if I can even call them that) in oil after washing my hair and also once styled to calm the frizz. This made such a huge difference as it rescued my ends from snapping. I actually still use hair oils now to keep the ends hydrated. I'm kind of obsessed! I'd recommend either coconut oil or argan oil but there are so many you can choose from.

Heat protector
Equally as important is heat protector. Now I actually feel really stupid for never using this before and I don't even have an excuse why not. This has totally saved my hair. I'm currently using a spray 
from VO5. I spritz my hair quite liberally when it is wet to ensure that it's all covered then I go ahead and blow dry my hair. 

Mane and Tail
One Christmas I received Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner. This is originally for horses but it can also be used by humans. Yes, you heard me right but think about a horse. They have gorgeous hair! Mane and Tail made my hair thicker which was great because with my hair snapping, it was generally quite thin in places. This did eventually start drying my hair out so I now use it for a month or so then have a break from it. It's perfect for improving hair strength which is super important when your hair is snapping constantly. 

Once my hair had grown long enough not to look stupid when I hadn't straightened it, I quit the straighteners. I've been straightener free for over a year and a half and my hair is loving me for it. It also helped that I jumped out of bed and broke them when I realised that I was late for uni one day. I learned how to blow dry my hair with a round brush and found that there was no need for any extra heat. I now rarely blow dry my hair as I let it air dry, usually out of laziness but it has contributed to the strength of my hair. 

I've talked about the main products that I used but I also invested in a leave in conditioner and tonnes of hair masks as my hair was so dry. I'll upload a post soon with some homemade hair masks that I have tried out. Since I have been trying to keep my hair healthy I've seen massive improvements. My hair is shiny, longer, thicker and stronger. I hope this helps anyone who feels in despair because their hair wont grow. Even if your hair if fabulously long, it's nice to have a look at people's other hair stories.


  1. Wow your hair looks great! One of the best (and cheapest) tip I have it to wash your hair in water as cool as you can stand, cold water=healthy scalp=long hair. x

    1. Thank You! I heard rinsing it with cold at the end of your shower helps to make it shiny. Do you use cold for the full wash? I might give it a try before winter creeps in! x

  2. Your hair looks so shiny and healthy!

  3. Your hair looks lovely! I've always used vitamins when I wanted my hair to grow faster, especially sea kelp and biotin.

    Katie xx


    1. Thank you, I've heard they're great. I tried biotin for a few days but every time I took a tablet I got a tummy ache. I take a multivitamin with biotin in which doesn't upset my stomach but I'd like to give sea kelp a try.

  4. Trying to grow hair also :} can't wait to have them long^^

  5. how long did it take for you to reach that lenght? my hair also looks stupid when is not straightened :(
    also, a tip from my experience: to have a layered haircut makes it look less full and poor... I need to get rid of those too

    1. That was just under two years! I'm almost three years without straighteners now and my hair feels so much better. I agree, layers definitely help!