Monday, 29 September 2014

Party Decorations Part 1: How To Make A Diy Party Banner

Diy party banner tutorial

Hello lovelies! So, on Sunday it will be my little boy's second birthday! I thought that I would do something a little different and make his party a bit more personal and I'm so excited. As this week is the run up to his party, I will be posting a range of party decoration tutorials as I go! I haven't made any party decorations before but I'm finding it really fun. Here's my first tutorial of the week, a DIY party banner!

You will need: coloured card, white paper, scissors, pencil/pen, a circular item to draw around (I used a sellotape roll), ink and stamps (optional) and a needle and thread.

Diy party banner tutorial

Firstly, take a sheet of coloured card. Choose whatever colour suits your theme. I laid the sellotape roll on the card and drew around the outer circle. You can adjust this to the size that you like. I wanted to spell out the words happy birthday therefore I needed thirteen circles. Repeat this until you have the correct amount of circles for the word or phrase you are spelling out. 

Diy party banner tutorial

Next find your white paper and repeat the last stage but with a smaller circle. For this part I used the inner circle of the sellotape roll. Just have a play around with household items and see what size you like.

Diy party banner tutorial

After you have all your cut outs, glue your white circles onto the larger circles. I decided to use stamps to decorate my banner (I can't resist a stamping opportunity).

Diy party banner tutorial

I chose a simple bunting stamp to decorate my circles and I'm quite pleased with the results. 

I found this part the most difficult. I don't know why, I've obviously been writing since primary school but there is a lot of pressure to draw the letters properly. I could have printed letters to stick on beforehand but I thought it would be more personal to write it myself so this is how it ended up!

Diy party banner tutorial

Finally, grab your needle and thread. I sewed my thread up and down through each circle leaving excess at each end. This allows you to hang your banner up. Now you have yourself a home made banner! 

These can be used for any type of party or celebration and are great if you have to plan a last minute party. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Check back for part two soon!


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Review// Vichy Haul Featuring Dermablend And Normaderm

Vichy, Dermablend and Normaderm

So last week I nipped into Boots and decided to spend some of the points on my card. I don't know why I haven't used any of my points baring in mind I've had the card for over five years. I guess I was slightly worried that they would decline me saying that I didn't have enough money and I would have the embarrassment of putting everything back. After realising you could check how many points you have at self service (yes, I do feel a little stupid). I went a little wild and thought that I'd give Vichy a go. If you didn't already know, Vichy are well known for helping and covering blemishes, scars, roseacea, tattoos and much more. Just have a look online, the results are amazing!

Vichy Normaderm global anti-imperfection hydrating care (£11)
I already have a skincare routine that I like to stick to but my moisturiser is always up for debate. I usually try to pick up oil free moisturisers for acne prone skin but sometimes I feel that they aren't moisturising (or targeting spots) at all. I tried this in the store and it felt so hydrating. It claims that it is for oily skin, blemishes, pores, shine, imperfection marks and irregular complexion. I just had to buy it! I couldn't wait to wash my makeup off and put this on and let me tell you, it felt amazing. This moisturiser appears to be quite thick but sunk straight into my skin. Hours after applying it, my face still felt lovely. I wasn't oily at all! I find it gives a gorgeous glow to my face and I'm so pleased with the results. It hasn't broke me out and I feel my skin is finally getting the treatment it deserves. I can't say as of yet if it helps prevent acne but I haven't found much that does. It's one of my best buys this year I cannot rate this highly enough!

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation (£16)
Now I've seen lots of YouTubers talk about Dermablend and since I have some acne scaring that I need covered up I thought that this would be perfect! I chose shade 15 Opal as this was the lightest. I find that a lot tends to come out of the tube when applying and I really don't think you need too much of this as it is quite high coverage. I tried this out for a week and I felt that my face looked a bit greasy. The chip pan look isn't really my thing! I've seen so many good results with this that I know it is a good product for some people but my skin is so pale that this looked orange. I tried it out in store but once I applied it to my face the colour started getting more and more dark. I actually started to question how pale I really was. It's such a shame as I thought that this would be my holy grail product. Perhaps I'll hang on to see if they bring out a lighter shade but for now it  will stay in my drawer until I get a good tan!

Vichy Dermablend Concealer (£15)

I know that I had a bit of trouble with the shades in the foundation and again the same goes with the concealer. This wasn't so much a problem though. I found the concealer actually did help to cover my blemishes and blended well with my normal foundation. The shade I bought again was Opal 15 which was the lightest but still didn't look light against my skin. On application, the concealer is quite creamy and thick which I'm guessing is why it does such a good job. I'm quite pleased with the results from this so I will definitely be adding this into my normal make up routine.

Have you tried any Vichy products? Let me know if there is anything that you recommend from their range!

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray Review

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Hello lovelies! Like a lot of girls, by the time I get home my make up is half way down my face. Sometimes I find it has gone up my face and I'm not even sure how that's possible. After various different primers having little impact on my gravity defying skin I decided to try Urban Decay's All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (£18). The words all nighter produced images in my mind of panda eyes and barely there foundation (that's because by the time you get home it has slid right off). If there was any chance that this spray could actually survive an all nighter, then I was having it!

How to use

I carried out my usual makeup routine and then at the end I sprayed my face (from a reasonable distance) a few times. I wasn't sure what to expect so I was slightly on edge when I pressed down on the top. Surprisingly this wasn't bad at all. It was like being lightly sprayed in the face with water and was actually quite refreshing.

The results

As for staying power, this does a pretty good job. The main areas where my makeup starts to slide are my forehead, nose and upper cheeks (that's pretty much everywhere). Urban Decay's all nighter setting spray actually minimised some of the melting. The only area where I'm still having problems is on my nose but it isn't the end of the world. My forehead becomes a little oily now and again but I have a fringe so that is expected really and easy to hide.

I suspect that this will last me a long time therefore kind of justifies the price. If I ever do run out I'm pretty sure I will repurchase. 

Have you tried any Urban Decay products? If so let me know what your favourites are!

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Quick And Easy Crafts: DIY Makeup Brush Bag Tutorial

Quick and Easy Crafts: DIY Makeup Bag Tutorial

I don't know if you've had this problem but my make up brushes never fit in my make up bag. I bought a bag with a pouch to put them in but my MAC brushes always hang out. This is a nightmare when travelling as I can't zip my bag up! I decided to make my own make up brush bag to keep my brushes clean and organised.

Quick and Easy Crafts: DIY Makeup Bag Tutorial

What you'll need: fabric, scissors, pins, stuffing, ribbon and a needle and thread or sewing machine

First of all I grabbed some fabric. For the main body of the bag I chose the black floral piece as I thought it was pretty but you can choose whatever you like.

I then laid out the fabric and placed my brushes on top. I measured where my highest brush went to and cut out the shape I wanted. I then left some extra room on the side so that I can add more brushes in the future.

Diy makeup brush bag tutorial

Following this, I turned my fabric over and placed the cut out on top. I cut around this and pinned the two pieces of fabric together. Make sure the good sides of the fabric are on the inside. I then stitched the fabric together but left a gap on the left hand side. This is important so you can do the next stage!

Using the gap, I turned the fabric the correct way round. I then decided to put some stuffing inside the bag to bulk it up. I didn't stitch the hole up as I will use it again later.

Diy makeup brush bag tutorial

After this I grabbed my second fabric. I chose a pink polka dot pattern. I laid out the pink fabric and measured where I wanted it. I cut this out and pinned it along the sides of the bag leaving the top side open. 

Diy makeup brush bag tutorial

I then stitched this up and placed my brushes inside the pouch. I roughly marked the spaces for my brushes and sewed vertical lines down the fabric to create the different sections.

Diy makeup brush bag tutorial

Finally, I grabbed some ribbon and sewed it into the gap that I left. Make sure the ribbon is long enough to wrap around the bag so you are able to tie it.

Diy makeup brush bag tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this as I certainly did! Let me know if you have any craft ideas or would like to see any more tutorials.

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Autumnal Nails: Barry M Matte Crush Review

Barry M nail polish shade Crush

Hello lovelies! I'm quite excited for Autumn this year. The leaves on the ground, being able to wear cosy jumpers and that natural pink glow in our cheeks. What's not to like? I'm loving all the Autumnal colour palettes so why not match those gorgeous clothes to your nails? Barry M do some lovely shades and this one seems perfect for those dark nights.

This is Barry M's matte nail paint in the shade Crush (£3.99). On application, the nail polish goes on smooth and appears to dry rapidly. This is great for anyone who is like me and always manages to smudge their nails just trying to put the lid back on properly. Once the nail polish is dry, it turns matte! 

It was difficult to photograph the exact results but it has a beautiful effect. I think you definitely have to try this yourself to fully appreciate it. This colour would go nicely with a mustard coloured jumper or your black leather jacket. In my Top Five Lipsticks post, I mentioned Kate Moss's lipstick in shade 107 being perfect for Autumn. I found that both the lipstick and nail polish looked fabulous paired together as they both have that velvet look about them.

Have you tried Crush yet? I'd love to know what your favourite Autumn shade is!

P.S If you have tried Barry M's mustard shade let me know what it's like. I'm desperate to try it! 

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Quick And Easy Crafts: Handmade Drawer Scents Tutorial

Quick and Easy Crafts DIY Drawer Scents Tutorial

I love it when you buy something nice and the cashier asks you if you want any drawer scents. My answer is always YES. I know they tend to be cheap but why spend money when you can make them yourself? Drawer scents can be used in your wardrobe to stop clothes smelling stale, in your underwear drawer, in your suitcase when travelling, under your pillow to help you sleep or even just as a scented room decoration. Here are my quick and easy steps to fresher smelling clothes!

What you'll need: fabric, scissors, a needle and thread or sewing machine, stuffing and your chosen scented oil.

Quick and Easy Crafts DIY Drawer Scents Tutorial

Here I have selected my fabric. I chose a nice blue and white floral piece as it matches my bedroom and I thought it was really pretty. With the patterned side face down cut out a shape you like. I chose a heart shape so I can reuse it as a decorative hanger in the future but you can chose anything that takes you fancy!

Quick and Easy Crafts DIY Drawer Scents Tutorial

Next, turn the cut out piece over with the correct side up and trace round it on the downwards facing fabric. Cut this piece out then pin together the two cut outs with the correct side facing inwards. 

Now you can start sewing. I used a sewing machine but this is also easy to hand stitch. The important part is to leave a gap at the top. Turn the fabric back the correct way using the gap you left. Grab your oil and add a few drops to your stuffing.

Quick and Easy Crafts DIY Drawer Scents Tutorial

After you have added your scent, add your stuffing and sew the hole up. I also sewed a ribbon onto mine so that I can hang it up in my wardrobe.

Quick and Easy Crafts DIY Drawer Scents Tutorial

Remember, you can add any scent you want. I went for fresh linen as that's what I wanted my clothes to smell like but if you wanted to use this under your pillow to help you sleep then perhaps lavender would be a good idea. The possibilities are endless. Why not give it a try? 

Quick and Easy Crafts DIY Drawer Scents

Let me know if you've made any quick crafts. I'd love to see them!

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How To Grow Your Hair Out: My Story

 I know a lot of girls want to know how to grow their hair out so I thought I'd share my hair story with you. By the end of 2012 my hair was shoulder length. As a matter of fact my hair has always been shoulder length but I wore extensions to hide it. As I bleach my hair, it would snap and could never grow. At least I never needed a hair cut ey? I was so sick of wearing extensions that I decided to take matters into my own hands. Here's how I did it...

December 2012 - September 2014
Firstly, I went on a shopping spree and armed my self with so many hair care products. I started with hair oils. My hair was extremely dry from a combination of bleach and heat products (my early 2000's obsession with hair straighteners really took it's toll on me).

Hair oils
I smothered my mid lengths (if I can even call them that) in oil after washing my hair and also once styled to calm the frizz. This made such a huge difference as it rescued my ends from snapping. I actually still use hair oils now to keep the ends hydrated. I'm kind of obsessed! I'd recommend either coconut oil or argan oil but there are so many you can choose from.

Heat protector
Equally as important is heat protector. Now I actually feel really stupid for never using this before and I don't even have an excuse why not. This has totally saved my hair. I'm currently using a spray 
from VO5. I spritz my hair quite liberally when it is wet to ensure that it's all covered then I go ahead and blow dry my hair. 

Mane and Tail
One Christmas I received Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner. This is originally for horses but it can also be used by humans. Yes, you heard me right but think about a horse. They have gorgeous hair! Mane and Tail made my hair thicker which was great because with my hair snapping, it was generally quite thin in places. This did eventually start drying my hair out so I now use it for a month or so then have a break from it. It's perfect for improving hair strength which is super important when your hair is snapping constantly. 

Once my hair had grown long enough not to look stupid when I hadn't straightened it, I quit the straighteners. I've been straightener free for over a year and a half and my hair is loving me for it. It also helped that I jumped out of bed and broke them when I realised that I was late for uni one day. I learned how to blow dry my hair with a round brush and found that there was no need for any extra heat. I now rarely blow dry my hair as I let it air dry, usually out of laziness but it has contributed to the strength of my hair. 

I've talked about the main products that I used but I also invested in a leave in conditioner and tonnes of hair masks as my hair was so dry. I'll upload a post soon with some homemade hair masks that I have tried out. Since I have been trying to keep my hair healthy I've seen massive improvements. My hair is shiny, longer, thicker and stronger. I hope this helps anyone who feels in despair because their hair wont grow. Even if your hair if fabulously long, it's nice to have a look at people's other hair stories.


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How To Make A Scrapbook And Some Inspiration

How to make a scrap book

Today I thought that I would share a hobby of mine with all of you. It doesn't matter whether you've never done it before or whether you've been doing it for what seems like forever, anyone can have fun scrapping! When I say scrapping I don't mean fighting, I mean scrapbooking! I just wanted to share with you a few tips on getting started and hopefully inspire you with a few of my pages. So...

How to make a scrapbook:

How to make a scrap book

Firstly find a book that fits your theme. You may want to just use photos so you could use a smaller album, if you wanted to do lots of writing then perhaps use something bigger. I have various scrap books for different purposes but the two I have chosen are my favourites. The first is a Smash book. I picked this up in Hobby Craft last year. This is great for making lists and writing. I also find that the pictures inside give me a lot of inspiration as they're so pretty. Plus it comes with a cute pen/glue stick (I love added touches)! My second book is from Paperchase. This one is great if you like to start from scratch and add photos, writing or even old tickets. You'll see some examples further down!

How to make a scrap book

Here comes the exciting bit, once you have a book take a look around your home and see what you have. I keep a box full of letters from Tom, tickets from the cinemas, maps from places we've been, anything at all! Once that is done, it's to get creative! If you like drawing then draw, If you like to doodle or write then do so! I like to add all my writing in last as it feels like I'm writing a story using the pictures but that's just me. Every one is different. You may not like what I have done but that may be because you have a different style to me (...or my stuff is actually poo)but don't worry about it!

How to make a scrap bookHow to make a scrap book

See the first picture? This page if from my Smash book. As you can see, I've kept this one quite simple. I feel that I can be more laid back using this and jot down whatever I want. In this I use a lot of lists as I feel I can use this for more personal writing. The second picture is my scrapbook from Paperchase. Again, on this one I have kept the page simple. It depends how I feel that day and how I think the pictures would look best. I liked the retro style paper and I thought what place would suit it best? Brighton of course! Sometimes pictures can do all the talking.

How to make a scrap book

This page isn't complete yet but hopefully it shows that you can use anything to be creative. This is about a day out that I had at the beach. I found some paper that reminded me of the sea and I threaded string through the holes that I made to create a seaside style sign. Don't think that you have to spend a lot of money on craft materials as you don't. Fill the page with whatever you like.

How to make a scrap book

On this page I cut my own gift tags out of pretty paper and attached them with ribbons. I then added some writing using stamps to the tags to tie the page together. Go wild and see what you come up with, I bet it will be pretty amazing! If you want to grab some extra craft materials go to Hobby Craft or your nearest craft store and see what they've got. Paperchase also have some pretty cute stamps to use!

How to make a scrap book

Oh, and if you get a chance check out Tim Holtz! His paper selections are amazing, they tend to have an old vintage feel to them. On this page I have used Tim Holtz film reel at the bottom of the map. You know when you get photos printed off and you get a page full of minis? Here I have used the mini photos under the film reel as if it were from a movie of our day out.

Top Tips For Making A Scrapbook
Don't be afraid
Be creative
Collect, collect, collect! Keep a memory box!
If you're struggling, find inspiration online
But... make it personal to you! It makes it more fun
You can do it about anything
Scrapbooks make great gifts for friends, family, boyfriends etc.
Just go wild!

I know I'm not a professional but I hope I inspired you to get making and I hope you liked my pages! If you want to see any more of my scrapbooks or would like me to do a post on my different materials then let me know!

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Monday, 8 September 2014

My Top Five Lipsticks ... Ever

Top Five Lipsticks

It's no secret to my family and friends that I love lipstick. For me, lipstick is a key product in my make up kit. If I was told I would only be allowed one item of make up from now on it would definitely be lipstick (then I'd probably beg for a little bit of mascara because my eyes are quite small). You get the picture... Now it was really difficult choosing out of my collection but here are my top five lipsticks and how I wear them just for you!

Mac Lady Danger

MAC Lady Danger

Here is my all time favourite. I've got various shades of red lipstick but none of them have quite cut it like this one does. Lady Danger has a slight orange tone to the red making it lovely and fiery. I believe that everyone needs a red lipstick as it goes with every look. I wear this if I'm out shopping, going out for meals or even a night out. I know some people are afraid of wearing bold colours but you don't have to be. I'm quite shy but I find that lipstick is a way of expressing myself and standing out without saying anything at all. Make sure you find a shade that suits your skin tone and you'll be oozing sophistication and confidence in no time.

Rimmel Kate Moss matte 107

Rimmel Lasting Matte Finish By Kate Moss: 107

This lipstick is great for autumn. It just has a wintery kind of feel to it. I actually wear this a all year round but I'm particularly excited to get my usage out of it over the next few months. This looks great if you're going for a grunge look or perhaps with a nice wintery jumper. Just experiment with it and I'm sure you'll find a way that you enjoy wearing it. If the colour is too harsh for you, you could always blot it to tone the colour down.

Rimmel Kate Moss shade 12

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Moss: 12

This colour is a beautiful shade of orange. It was the first lipstick that I bought that wasn't red and I was worried that I wouldn't suit it. I love it, it looks lovely during the summer with a nice play suit or a dress. I find I need to make sure I exfoliate my lips with a lip scrub before I use this as it's quite light and shows dryness easily. I would recommend exfoliating your lips before using any lipstick really to ensure you get the perfect application!

Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Moss:19

Now for the girlies who aren't too sure if they're ready for bold colours or need a sensible lipstick for work, look no further. I bought this as I needed a lipstick that was almost nude but still brought my face to life. I usually feel really bare with no lipstick but this is just pigmented enough to wear if you have a meeting at work or if you fancy a subtle change for school. Why not give it a try?

Soap and Glory Super Nude lipstick

Soap and Glory Super-colour Fabu Lipstick: Super Nude

Finally, I'm still a newbie when it comes to nude shades as there are usually so many options that I freak out and leave the store. I like things to be simple which is why I bought a lipstick from Soap and Glory. Their make up selection is clean and simple which makes it easy picking out shades. As you can tell from the name Super Nude, this colour is perfect if you want that hardly there make up look. If you're looking for your first ever lipstick perhaps this is the one?

Do you have a favourite lipstick?

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Love Yourself: How To Pamper Yourself

Pamper Night Ideas

The eco bath muscle and joint pain relief epsom salts

Boux Avenue Pyjamas

Manuka Honey Face Mask

Barry M prickly pear nail polish

Boux Avenue Slippers

Hello lovelies! Whether you're back to school, work or just enjoying your weekend off, we all need some TLC. Life can be stressful so why not have a bit of you time and make yourself feel special. Here are my tips on how to have the perfect pamper night.

Step 1
First run yourself a lovely bath. I love bath bombs but if you're feeling particularly stressed try The Eco Bath's muscle and joint pain epsom salt bath soak (£8.49). I bought this in Holland & Barrett and it has lasted me quite a long time. The epsom salt draws out toxins from your body and can also help with muscle aches and stress. It is said to have a mild sedative effects on our nervous system which is great if you're feeling anxious about anything. Just run a bath and add about a cup full to the water. You can also add essential oils if you like. Stay in the bath for around forty minutes and once you get out make sure you drink plenty of water!

Step 2:
Next grab you pjyamas. Pick whichever ones are your favourites and will make you feel extra special! Mine are from Boux Avenue. I absolutely adore there, they have a beautiful black trim on the collar and sleeves. The trousers are full length and I feel like a princess wearing them.

Step 3:
Why not grab a face mask. This one is a Manuka Honey peel off face mask. You can grab these in any supermarket or drug store and are usually super cheap. Wash your face first, apply and have yourself a relaxing lie down for 15 minutes. Then just wash or peel off, simple!

Step 4: 
If you aren't one for doing your nails, why not give them some love and attention. I went for Barry M's Gelly Hi shine nail paint in prickly pair. This colour makes me feel like it's still summertime although I know autumn is pushing through!

Step 5:
Finally, grab your slippers and put your feet up. My slippers are again from Boux Avenue. As you can probably tell, I'm obsessed!

Why not listen to some happy music or grab a book? Oh and don't forget your cup of tea! Just remember it's all about you. Do whatever makes you happy!

I'd love to hear your tips for de-stressing!

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