Saturday, 30 August 2014

Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Treatment

Apple cider vinegar acne treatment
Hello lovelies! When I was younger I really struggled with my skin. I had terrible breakouts and it made me so self conscious. Five long years later my skin cleared up on its own accord (hooray!). Little did I know that after a stressful few months, I would be having a reunion with my old friends. I now spend my time looking in the mirror searching for any sign of a spot or hiding in my house until my skin clears up (... I'm still waiting). I recently read that apple cider vinegar also known as acv is a common way to naturally get rid of acne. I had nothing to lose so I went and picked up a bottle.

Why ACV?
Apple cider vinegar is said to have antibacterial properties which helps heal, prevent and reduce acne and old scars when used as a toner. What's not to like?

-Wash your face
-Pour vinegar on a cotton pad/ball and wipe across your face
-Allow to dry
-If you have any active acne you could use a cotton bud to spot check
-Follow with a moisturiser
-Repeat twice a day

I've been using apple cider vinegar for months now and it's been amazing. This is definitely my best acne treatment to date. Not only is it a homemade acne treatment which is super cheap to use but it actually works! I initially started off using equal parts vinegar and water but lately my skin has become more resistant to this. I now use full strength vinegar. The smell isn't great but if I use it under make up the smell tends to be masked (well I hope so anyway). 

Since using acv, my skin is less angry looking as it has helped reduce the redness. I still break out but not as much and my blemishes are a lot smaller. If I have a blemish that won't come up I hold a Q tip dipped in vinegar on it and it brings it up to a head. I know it sounds gross but a girls got to do what a girls got to do. 

I feel that it helps clear blemishes quicker and my acne scars are fading rapidly. Plus my skin is looking brighter as it doubles up as a natural exfoliator. My advice is stick at it. I'm still searching for my skin saviour but for now this product is definitely a keeper.

Have you tried ACV before?

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  1. I use it for my hair and treated my athletes foot with it. Did the trick like nothing else